Scheme for Solar Lighting Systems and Small Capacity PV System under Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission(JNNSM)

ObjectiveTo promote adoption of renewable energy practices and use of Solar Lighting System and Small Capacity Photo­voltaic System.
PurposeTo install solar photovoltaic system for lighting and other use.
EligibilityAll customers of the Bank with proof of income to ensure repayment capacity to the satisfaction of sanctioning authority. Limited companies/Corporates not allowed.
Amount of loan80% of the benchmark cost approved by MNRE or actual cost of the unit whichever is less. Systems with capacity between 1 Owp to 200wp only will be financed under the scheme. Only models approved by MNRE will be eligible for coverage under the scheme.
Margin20% by applicant.
SubsidySubsidy at 40% of the approved unit cost (benchmark cost) or actual cost whichever is less will be eligible.
Rate of Interest:

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RepaymentBetween 3-5 years. Repayment within 3 years not allowed.
SecurityFor loans up to Rs. 25,000/-, hypothecation of the system to be purchased. For loans of Rs.25,000/- and above,in addition to Hypothecation of system to be purchased, one guarantor acceptable to bank or paper security to the extent of loan amount in lieu thereof.
Other terms conditions andAdequate insurance cover for the system / equipments. Products of manufacturers approved by MNRE only will be financed. Payment will be made directly to the dealer/supplier along with applicant's margin.