Maha Ghar” Housing Loan

Other conditions :

  • Applicant and/or his family members should not own pucca house anywhere in India as per PMAY CLSS scheme. A declaration / affidavit should be obtained from the beneficiary to that effect.
  • The above scheme is applicable only to eligible cases under PMAY (Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana).
  • All other terms and conditions normally applicable to housing loan to general public shall apply.
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Maha Super Housing Loan Scheme

Special Housing Loan scheme

  • Maha Super Housing Loan Scheme: for repairs/renovation/alteration of existing house/flat for new standalone borrowers.
  • Maha Super Housing Loan Scheme : Purchase of Plot & construction thereon.
  • Maha Super Housing Loan Scheme:for Construction/Acquiring of new or existing house/flat and extension of existing house/flat
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Maha Super Car Loan Scheme


Purchase of New four Wheeler i.e. Car, Jeep, Multi Utility Vehicles (MUVs), SUVs etc. for personal use. (i.e. not for hiring/ferrying passengers) for individuals (18 years and above)/Companies and Corporate entities.

Age Limit

For individuals (18 years and above ) Maximum age at Maturity of loan should not exceed 70 years

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Maha Combo Loan Scheme

Maha Combo Loan Scheme for House and Car taken together:

  • Housing Loan for construction/acquiring of new or existing house/flat and for extension in the existing house/flat
  • and Car Loan for Purchase of New four Wheeler i.e. Car, Jeep, SUV etc. for personal use
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Pardhan Mantri Awas Yojana

Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme for Ews/Lig/Mig-I/Mig-Ii Group

Coverage : All 4041 Statutory Towns as per Census 2011 with focus on 500 Class 1 cities. Beneficiary Eligibility :


Persons belonging to EWS and LIG categories. EWS is defined as persons with annual household income less than Rs. 3.00 lakh and house sizes up to 30 Sq. mts. LIG is defined as annual household income above Rs. 3.00 lakh and up to Rs. 6.00 lakh and house sizes up to 60 sq. mts. The beneficiary, at his/her discretion, can avail more loan amount as per eligibilty but interest subvention would be limited to first Rs. 6.00 lakh only.

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Mahabank Vehicle Loan Scheme for Old Car and Two Wheelers

Name of the scheme:

Maha Bank Vehicle Loan Scheme for purchase of two wheelers and second hand cars.

Type of credit facilities:

Term Loan

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TopUp Loan for Home loan borrowers


  • Top-up Loan Scheme for existing housing Loan Borrowers of our Bank
  • For takeover of existing Housing Loan of other banks and additional facility of Top-up Loan for repair/renovation/furnishing of house.
  • Existing/Take over Housing loan borrowers (without deviation/ restructuring/rephasement) with minimum 36 months standing including moratorium and in Standard category.
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Education Loan Scheme

Information on Education Loan

Studies in India: Graduation courses/Colleges under Universities approved by UGC. Other courses leading to diploma / degree etc. conducted by colleges / universities approved by UGC / Govt. / AICTE / AIBMS / ICMR etc. Studies Abroad : Job oriented Prof./Technical / PG courses/ Post Graduation: - MCA, MBA, MS etc

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Maha Gold Loan Scheme (Loan against Gold Ornaments)

Information on Mahabank Gold Loan

To cater to the requirements of meeting other personal expenses, whatsoever which include personal expenditure of varied needs like marriage, higher education, medical emergencies, business travel etc.

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Consumer Loan Scheme

Name of the scheme

Maha Consumer Loan Scheme


For purchase of consumer durables including computers/Laptops, Electronic Gadgets etc.

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Mahabank Personal Loan Scheme

Name of the scheme:

Maha Bank Personal Loan Scheme


For Personal Expenses such as Medical Expenses, Expenses on Travel / Tour, Income Tax liability, Expenses for Family Functions etc.

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Salary Gain Scheme


  • Salary account holders with the bank’s branch
  • The customer should be in permanent employment with total minimum 1 year of Service, with Corporate concern of repute, Central Government / State Govt. Department / undertakings (including Government and Government Aided Educational Institutions) /Co-operative Societies.
  • Eligible amount to be decided on the basis of last 3 months take home salary, repayment obligations, Regular credit of salary.
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Skill Loan Scheme

Skill Loan

  • The applicant should be an Indian national
  • As required by the enrolling institutions/organizations as per NSQF
  • Any individual who has secured admission in a course run by Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs), Polytechnics or in a school recognized by central or State education Boards or in a college affiliated to recognized university, training partners affiliated to National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC)/Sector Skill Councils, State Skill Mission, State Skill Corporation, preferably leading to a certificate / diploma / degree issued by such organization as per National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF)
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Scheme for Solar Lighting Systems


  • To promote adoption of renewable energy practices and use of Solar Lighting System and Small Capacity Photo­voltaic System.
  • To install solar photovoltaic system for lighting and other use.
  • All customers of the Bank with proof of income to ensure repayment capacity to the satisfaction of sanctioning authority. Limited companies/Corporates not allowed.
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Scheme for Solar Water Heating Systems

Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission(JNNSM)

  • To promote adoption of solar energy for the purpose of water heating.
  • To install Solar Water heating system between capacity of 100 — 400 litres per day capacity.
  • All customers of the bank with proof of income to ensure repayment capacity to the satisfaction of sanctioning authority.
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Loan against Self Occupied Property for Personal needs

Term Loan/OD Facility

  • Individuals in the age group of 18 - 65 years owning Unencumbered self-occupied residential property/ commercial property /or building in his/her own name for a period not less than 1 year
  • Permanent Employees of Central/ State Govt./ Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) (including Schools/Colleges/ Educational Institutions), Reputed Companies /MNCs, Individual Businessmen, professionals and Self employed individuals having minimum 2 years standing.
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Loan Scheme for Individuals

Loans against deposits

If you have any term deposit with us you can in emergencies always avail of this facility which we offer.

Persons eligible

Anyone who has a deposit with us.

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Loan Scheme for Entrepreneurs

Non Funded facilities

  • Term Loan for acquisition of machinery and fixed assets.
  • Working capital by way of funded Cash Credit limit .
  • Non fund facilities in the form of Letters of Credit / Letters of Guarantee.
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Loan Scheme for Exporters

Objective of the Scheme

To provide better terms of credit including rates of interest to all eligible exporters, including those under small and medium sector, compared to those extended to other exporters by the Bank.


The Gold Card will be issued for a period of 3 years and will be automatically renewed for a further period of 3 years provided no adverse features, irregularities are noticed in the account.

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MSME Credit + Scheme

  • Short Term Loan upto 180 days
  • Provide timely and need based additional working capital and Term Loan assistance to existing MSME borrowers of the Bank as well as of MSME borrowers of other Banks by taking over the credit facilities.
  • 25% concession in applicable processing fees
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