Emergency Credit Line - Personal Loan Scheme”- COVID-19

In view of the hardship faced by our esteemed customers due to CORONA virus special personal loan scheme for existing housing loan customers to take care of immediate liquidity requirements.



Name of the Scheme

“Emergency Credit Line - Personal Loan Scheme”- COVID-19 for Existing Housing Loan Borrowers.>


For meeting Personal expenses.


Non- Priority


All standard Housing Loan account where security charge is completed in favour of Bank & Repayment started. Existing Housing Loan borrowers who have already availed Personal Loan are also eligible under the new scheme subject to deduction norms.

Scheme Validity

Up to 30/06/2020

Nature of facility

Term Loan
Quantum of LoanFor Salaried ->Ten (10) times the latest monthly gross salary income subject to maximum loan limit of Rs.3 lakhs.
> For Non Salaried –> 60 % of Latest annual Income based on ITR subject to maximum loan of Rs 3 Lakhs
Rate of Interest

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  • Maximum 36 months including Moratorium / holiday period of 6 months
  • Interest capitalizing for a maximum period of 6 months
However, the repayment is fixed in such a way that the loan is fully adjusted 3 months prior to Closure of Housing Loan.
Deductions NormsNot exceed 70% of the Gross annual Income including Proposed EMI.
Other SecurityNegative lien on the property mortgage in Housing Loan.
GuaranteeCo-applicants / Guarantors of Existing Housing Loans.
CIBIL ChargesRs 50 + GST per individual
Processing Fee /Documentation Charges/Inspection Charges/ Pre-payment chargesNil
Documents to be submitted by Applicant
  • Application form duly signed along with guarantor’s form
  • Assets & Liabilities form
  • Proof  of  income  (last  three  months  ‘Salary  Slips  showing  all deductions or latest Form 16) duly attested by the employer
  • Proof  of  employment  (copy  of  the  employment  order,  Photo Identity Card issued by the employer, employee number etc)
  • Form 16 / ITR (wherever available)
  • PAN Card (mandatory)
  • KYC documents (like – Passport, Aadhar Card, Ration Card, Election ID, Driving License etc.).
  • Authorization to debit SB account / ECS / NACH mandate.

To download application form, Click here